Our Approach

We invest in tech-driven LogTech startups that aim to disrupt the flow and processing of goods and information.

As an independent financial investor, we are here to actively support you with a team of well-experienced investors striving to pave the way for the LogTech champions of tomorrow. With our respective backgrounds in venture capital, logistics, and entrepreneurship, we come well prepared.

Our focus

Managing game-changing challenges

We’re looking for startups that address issues of global relevance in relation to logistics or supply chain management.

Applying the latest technology

We believe in the enormous value that technology can bring to our industries. Its development and use are at the core of our startups.

Our contribution to growth

Investing early-stage capital

Our initial tickets start at € 500k and can be part of a bigger financing round in Seed and Series A stages. We do larger follow-on investments.

Providing more than money

Our network of highly renowned logistics companies is an essential component of our non-financial contribution to your startup’s growth.

Our vast network in the logistics industry gives us a competitive edge – as it does for our cooperating founders. Your startup benefits from true shortcuts, saving you time and money.

This USP is further enhanced by our anchor investor FIEGE Logistik, one of Europe's leading contract logistics companies, who is available to our portfolio companies if needed when it comes to, i.e., operational know-how, customer access, or joint projects.

More precisely, as a hands-on financial investor we are offering:
• Expert exchanges on product and strategy development
• Effective lead generation for short-term sales growth
• Validation of new features
• Exploration of synergies with other LogTech startups

We are actively supporting you on your way to being tomorrow’s LogTech champions.

Remember: The sky is (not) the limit!

Ready to conquer the LogTech world with us?

Let’s see what potential we can create together for your business.

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