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We have invested in and worked with numerous outstanding founders and companies in LogTech. For us, it's all about them.

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retraced is the platform for unprecedented transparency in global fashion supply chains. It enables its users to meet the rapidly growing requirements in the field of social and environmental compliance.


“Smartlane Transport Intelligence” is a transport optimization and analytics engine with fully-automated transport planning and industry-specific process mining capabilities which improve logistics companies' efficiency, reliability and transparency.


talpasolutions helps companies in asset intensive industries to take better, faster and more reliable decisions in their daily workflows by offering data-based actionable insights. Thus, the company shapes the future of the “industrial internet” to make industries more productive, safe and sustainable.


Yababa is an application offering a delivery service for ethnic groceries to people’s homes with same-day delivery and a convenient shopping experience. The company aims to provide fresh, quality products for certain ethnic preferences, such as halal foods, at supermarket prices.


Natif.ai technology is a new type of document analysis that uses AI to convert documents into data. Natif KI and Deep-OCR technology enable companies to fully automate and speed up their document management to achieve higher productivity.


Speiz is a technology-enabled platform that empowers logistics companies and retailers to gain a competitive edge by leasing unique commercial properties. 

Pre F-LOG Ventures 


Pulpos Warehouse Management System offers an warehouse optimization for e-commerce merchants and their third-party fulfillers which is fast, intuitive and easy to implement.


Clockwork is a digital delivery platform connecting global shippers to independent carriers working in local markets. The cloudbased platform gives them control over the entire supply chain.


Closelink is a category management tool which optimizes the global sourcing and procurement of marine lubricants for ship management companies, allowing them to compare offers of suppliers.


eYARD is a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence power optimization engine. By optimizing time and storage, the startup helps container terminal operators to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.


Flowfox offers an import automatization platform for ocean carriers and freight forwarders which simplifies container releases and drop-off date changes to reduce costs and generate additional revenue streams.


The e2log platform is a logistics management solution that centralizes the communication on shipments. It enables shippers to digitalize their logistics operations, automate processes and access real-time data, which guarantees transparency, agility and cost savings.

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