, a Saarbrücken-based startup, offers an automatic and self-learning text recognition system. The startup is seizing the huge market opportunity of intelligent document processing. Led by a strong team of founders who contribute their outstanding expertise from the field of AI, F-LOG decided to invest. secured a seed investment of 5 million euros.

The founders of Johannes Korves, Christophe Hocquet, Manuel Zapp, and Bérenger Laurent

Saarbrücken, 09 March 2022 - secured funding of 5 million euros in a Seed round. Next to the existing Pre-Seed investors 468 Capital, the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), and Premius, F-LOG Ventures invested alongside the early-stage investor Redalpine leading this round, and business angel Phillipp Rechberg.

Even today, sending, signing, and reconciling documents make up a significant part of everyday business across industries. In logistics, specifically, this may include delivery bills, inventory lists, invoices, etc. The deep-tech startup helps to tackle inefficiencies in document processing and handling as it focuses on intelligent document process automation (IDP). uses high-performance AI models and deep-OCR developed in-house to serve its customers with the ability to analyze a large variety of documents extremely fast and efficiently. In detail, this means that documents can be processed 30-60 times faster with an automation rate up to 10 times higher compared to commonly-used technologies. The startup operates the platform which enables its customers to conveniently set up document-related workflows using natif's workflow engine. Additionally, the platform integrates customer workflows into existing processes with ease, attracting businesses from different industries. The technology is ready for immediate use and complies with all European data protection regulations.

The latest investment round will enable to further invest in the growth of its company. The startup is already in the process of growing its team and is looking to bring additional developers and sales experts on board. In order to keep up with competitors in the long term, the company will be expanding internationally. Especially when it comes to entering new markets, F-LOG, with its international network and know-how in logistics and supply chain management, will actively support the startup.

The F-LOG team is proud to join Johannes, Christophe, Bérenger, and Manuel on their journey to becoming the leading IDP platform.