As already communicated, we would like to show you who´s behind F-LOG. To give you a better idea of the team we prepared some questions for each of them. Let us introduce to you: Tim!

Tim holds a Master of Science from the Mercator School of Management. While studying, he founded a food business which he sold in 2015. Following his exit, his focus moved to the world of venture capital, which led him to the VC branch of NRW.BANK, where he managed investments into digitalisation and technology before joining F-Log Ventures.
Tell us about your professional journey so far.

During my business administration studies, I founded a company in the food sector with a friend. We were able to quickly achieve initial success and grow. After the exit and graduation, I switched to the investor side, which always interested me a lot during my startup days. I have now been working in venture capital since 2014 and still passionately look for outstanding tech entrepreneurs.

What excites you about working in venture capital?

Without sounding pathetic, I have always found it interesting that venture capital is somewhat futurological. In our line of work, we try to find companies that come up with highly innovative products but have not yet acquired a relevant market share. So we try to gage if their product developments will be used by big companies or end customers in the next years which are not aware of their existence at that time. The fact that the people behind the companies often have an incredible amount of fire in them and regularly inspire me again is like the cherry on the cake.

What do you look at when investing in startups?

We try to obtain as much information as possible for our analyses. Special focal topics include, for example, team, market, growth, and exit potential. But I am convinced that you need a certain spirit in the team to be able to work together for many hours (with many ups and downs) toward the success of a young company. When you visit a company in the capacity of the potential investor, you are always in an exceptional situation. The team is prepared and wants to present itself from its best side. That’s why I try to pay special attention to certain subtleties, which can sometimes seem very mundane. For example, how respectfully the founders and team members treat each other. It is also quite revealing if people hold the door open for each other, or whether colleagues are poured a glass of water at lunch.

Why did you join F-LOG Ventures?

I believe that the European venture capital market still has some catching up to do in terms of supporting its portfolio. We want to set a new benchmark with F-LOG in the logistics sector and become the relevant LOG-Tech investor through our industry-specific know-how and understanding of the industry, but above all our network.

In your opinion, what is the hottest topic in logistics at the moment?

This is actually not an easy question, as there is an incredible amount happening in logistics right now. But we are currently looking with great interest into companies that are dealing with sustainability. You can literally see how the topic is growing as a focal point with end customers (and thus also with companies that supply these customers). Political pressure will also grow in the coming years. Companies that fail to pay attention to this will really feel the heat. I think there are quite a lot of low hanging fruits here, especially in logistics, which have extremely large market potential.

Are there any learnings from your professional life which you value in your private life, too?

Don’t time the market!

There is a time for everything and sometimes there is no point in rushing things. No matter how much you would like to make these things happen.

Are there any tips you would like to share with entrepreneurs looking for funding?

Do not take the search for capital lightly. Prepare for meetings with potential investors as best as you can, have your documents on point, and be ready to give a plausible answer to any question (especially the hard ones). Nothing is more off-putting than an unprofessional founding team. Remember: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!